The idea for CreArte, Retreat for the Arts, was born out of our passion for making art, our love of teaching, and a desire to create something unique and great in this world. It is fueled by a belief in alternative forms of community and travel. It is also inspired by the knowledge that spending time in a quiet, beautiful and nurturing location gives life to the creative nature in each human being.

The vision of CreArte, Retreat for the Arts, is to develop a retreat for the enrichment of humanity and preservation of the environment, created through education, travel, relaxation, and the pursuit of personal interests. Our mission is to provide a space for artistic, ecological, and intellectual pursuits and to encourage and nurture the creative in each human being.

CreArte, which in Spanish means to create yourself, is a place for guests to find a supportive community which provides artistic, ecological, and recreational activities that stimulate the senses on many levels. Guests will form a strong connection to the place, to one another, and to their own projects. CreArte is intended as an endeavor to practice the art of collaboration: individuals working together to create a whole, either one piece together, or separate pieces encouraged by each other. CreArte is a place wherein people can follow their own creative interests while at the same time finding inspiration in the company around them.

Our Mission...

... is to deliver services that are specifically designed for the needs of individuals who would like to experience an educational vacation and /or one that provides time and a place for personal projects. We offer down-to-earth, collaborative and reasonably priced art workshops in an inspiring location. Our workshops are taught by experienced and dedicated educators and artists. Our aim is to awaken creative instincts, heighten the artistic senses and expand expertise in any number of artistic disciplines.

This experience is amplified through comfortable living quarters which provide for personal time and work. As well, we provide the space for commmunity time, such as communal dinners, art exhibitions, and seminars for the sharing of ideas and projects.

CreArte, Retreat for the Arts, offers an environment where one can focus on a deep engagement with one place as well as with their own work and interests. We believe there is great importance in standing still in a beautiful place and that this facilitates the concentration necessary for creative inquiry. As well, to satisfy the curious traveler in all of us, we integrate various opportunities to explore the surrounding areas - the jungle, the sea, nearby cities, and the countryside. We can also arrange longer excursions which may include river rafting, canopy tours, scuba diving, dolphin/whale watching, big sea turtle watching, etc.

It is the goal of CreArte to include the local community in its curriculum and practices. We hire Costa Rican instructors to teach our workshops whenever possible.

CreArte responds to a need for a new kind of tourism and education, one that offers the combining of solitude with community, the arts with ecology, and the practice of collaboration.....

Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

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