Painting on the Alegria Platform, Samara Costa Rica

Yoga on the Platform

View from Alegria

Taking a Look

The Group, January 2003

Samara Beach, by Patrick Fanning

Downtown Samara, Patrick Fanning

Finding Inspiration

Another view from The Platform

So much to draw!

Erin and Ashlie, CreArte Co-founders

Samara Church, by Patrick Fanning

Ashlie Teaching at Las Brisas Del Mar

El Caribe, Ashlie Gaos

Clothes Line, Sandy Nelson

Joel Sketching at Las Brisas

Sometimes it's good to just RELAX!

Downtown Samara, Patrick Fanning

Erin working on Self Portrait

So many colors . . .

Painting and Talking

Group Exhibition

Looking up at Alegria from the Beach

Our friends the bartenders!

Laura with Self Portrait

The Group, February 2003

Ashlie Self Portrait

William and Ashlie,The Newlyweds

William, by Ashlie Gaos

Erin Prucha

Sandy with Self Portrait


The Platform

Sunset, by Ashlie Gaos

Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

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