Solitude, just south of Dominical Beach

Erin and Ashlie out on the water

View from the Platform at Alegria

Swimming with Dolphins in Golfo Dulce

Sunset in Samara

Villas Rio Mar, Dominical Costa Rica

Waterfall in Heredia

"Bien", Downtown Dominical
Watercolor by Patrick Fanning

Hotel Isla Chora in Samara

Manicured gardens at the Villas Rio Mar

Overlooking the Pacific, view from the Alegria Platform

Alegria Platform

Cindy on board at sunrise

Painting by Erin Prucha, 2001

Surfing in Samara

The ideal hammock, Dominical

Sunset over the Pacific, Dominical

Spiral, Oil on Canvas, Cynthia Kennedy 2000

Pastel on Paper, Erin Prucha

Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas, Cynthia Kennedy 2001

Clouds approaching, Playa Zancudo

Sunset Dominical

Las Esferas, an Archeological Site, just south of Dominical

Waterfall in Heredia

Private Bungalows, Villas Rio Mar, Dominical

Curiosity, Painting by Erin Prucha

Cindy, Erin and Ashlie on the Flight of the Toucan Tour,
Hacienda Baru, Dominical

Beautiful Nayuca Waterfall, Dominical

The pool at Villas Rio Mar, Dominical


The perfect waves to learn to surf, Oso Peninsula, Costa Rica

Kayaking sea caves off the Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

The Lovers, Acrylic on Canvas, Cynthia Kennedy

Catholic Statue, near San Jose

Arenal Volcano

The Wildlife Abounds!

Triumph in the Costa Rican Sunset!

Costa Rica, a safe, peaceful and welcoming country

Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

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